It's Mogar, Atop The Burnhouse

"So Jules, you said you needed help studying Chemistry, you want to do it tonight?" Derek asked, half distracted by the book he was reading. Since he was distracted, he didn’t see Julian nod.

"Jules? Studying? Chemistry?" Derek repeated, still not looking up from his book.

Julian tried to answer, but his voice sounded scratchy and rough. His answer sounded like a mix between a screech and a croak.

"Jules? Are you alright?" Derek looked up, concern etched on his face. It was at that moment that Logan decided to enter the common room. He collapsed on the floor next to Julian, slinging his arms across the petite boy’s shoulders. Julian glared at him, for some reason Derek could figure out (and probably didn’t want to.)

"So, Jules," Logan asked, smirking. "How’s your throat feeling?"

Derek looked between the two of them, and he paled in realisation. Logan dragging Julian off last night; the, erm, inappropriate noises that prevented him from getting to sleep; Julian and Logan being late for breakfast; Julian’s throat…

"Oh my God! Why?" Derek exclaimed. He gathered his belongings and walked away, giving them one lang withering glare before departing.

Logan turned back to Julian, still smirking. “So, Princess, how about a blowjob tonight?”

Logan took the smack to his chest as a resounding no.

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