It's Mogar, Atop The Burnhouse

if I wrote some smut (Dwerek, Rane, Sebrek etc.) would you read it?

Or would you sit behind your computers and judge me?

  1. meggiemarlow answered: read!
  2. impeccablechicken answered: i would love you if you wrote sebrek..
  3. wisherbystarlight answered: rane please and thank you!
  4. aria657 answered: I would read it… especially Clustin. :)
  5. ddardstark answered: I would love you so much if you wrote Dwerek. Or Dwogan, if you’re for it xD
  6. yesiamstrangegetoverit answered: Any smut is good smut.
  7. shaneandreed answered: RANE SMUT IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD
  8. something--next-to-normal answered: sebrek! :D
  9. loganjohnwright answered: Chustin smut? Yes please
  10. mchaelvincent answered: dwerek. dweREK. DWEREEEEEEKKKK
  11. gleekybaker answered: I would read it :) I love dwerek.
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