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Rane One-shot

From a prompt by klainegleek.

Reed wearing Shane’s clothes and they’re huge on him :)

Of Secret Loves and Borrowed Clothes.

"I should really get going" Reed murmured, attempting to untangle himself from Shane, but the dancer’s arms only tightened around him. Reed sighed, placing gentle kisses against Shane’s in an effort to wake him up a bit more.

Without warning, one of Shane’s hands curled around the back of Reed’s head as he kissed him once more, before sitting up slightly, so that Reed was nestled comfortably in his lap, his head tucked under Shane’s chin.

Currently, the two boys were snuggling in one of the oversized beds, in one of the many oversized rooms in one of the Tweedles’ many oversized summer homes that the resident’s of Windsor (and Shane) were staying in for the week.

Reed had snuck into Shane’s room around midnight, originally just to cuddle and feast on some of Kurt’s cookies that Shane had stolen (although he preferred the term ‘liberated’), but they had quickly become…engaged in other activities.

Said activities had resulted in Reed’s clothes being completely destroyed. There really was no other word for it. Reed didn’t know if it was the sugar rush from the cookies or the possibility of being caught by their friends that had made Shane so eager and enthusiastic, but he was certainly not complaining.

"We could just tell them, you know" Shane whispered, as he kissed the tip of Reed’s nose "they wouldn’t think of us any differently; they wouldn’t care".

"I know, we’ll tell them soon, I promise" Reed replied, resting his head against Shane’s chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart, almost drifting off back to sleep, before realising that he really needed to get back to his room.

He tore himself away from Shane, and started to get out of the bed before getting his feet caught in the sheets and tumbling to the floor. Shane smiled fondly before untangling his adorable klutz of a boyfriend from the bedsheets. He pulled Reed to his feet, before sweeping his gaze over the smaller boy’s body.

How is he so beautiful? Shane thought as he watched a blush rise up his boyfriend’s neck. Reed then spotted his clothes. They were ruined, but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it, considering how they had reached that state in the first place.

Shane had Reed pushed up against the wall, the cookies long forgotten. He was kissing and biting at the petite boy’s neck, determined to leave some sort of mark on the pale skin. Shane fumbled with the buttons on Reed’s shirt, before growling in frustration and simply ripping it of his shoulders.

Reed raised one hand to grip Shane’s curls, pushing the other back into the wall, trying to gain some kind of leverage. He gasped as Shane kissed further down his torso, lower and lower until-

"Reed? You alright? You still with us?" Shane inquired quietly, cupping his boyfriend’s face in his hands and gazing into his eyes, a small smile forming on his lips; he knew exactly what Reed was thinking about.

"What? Oh yeah, I’m fine" Reed whispered, snapping back to the present "I, er, may need to borrow some of your clothes" he whispered, his blush returning.

Shane smirked, dropping a sweet kiss into Reed’s hair before retrieving a fresh shirt and gently sliding it over his boyfriend’s slim frame. Reed slipped his arms through it and buttoned it up, but leaving the top two buttons undone.

Shane raked his eyes over Reed’s lithe body, taking in every detail. Shane’s shirt was far to big for Reed; hung down to just above his knees, and the sleeves had to be rolled up a few times, since they were much to long. Reed really look adorable, swamped in Shane’s shirt.

"I’ll see you in the morning, love" Shane whispered, making Reed blush at the pet name. The artist took a small step towards Shane, wrapping his arms around the dancer’s neck before pulling him into a deep kiss, nibbling on his boyfriend’s bottom lip, before pulling away, pressing a gentle peck to Shane’s neck, before slipping gracefully out of the door.

Of course, this being Reed, once he was out of the door, Shane heard a loud bang as Reed tripped over something or other in the corridor. Shane smiled fondly before heading back to bed, curling up in the sheets and inhaling deeply. The covers smelled of paint, strawberries and something else that was indescribable, but definitely Reed.

The Tweedles smirked at each other, having heard the entire exchange between the two other boys. They hadn’t done it intentionally, they had just been bored and decided to wander around for a bit, hoping to find something interesting to do. But now they knew this little snippet of information, they were going to make sure that people found out.


Shane was right, nobody in Windsor would mind, and really, they shouldn’t have to hide their relationship.


My little attempt to take back the Rane tag.

It was rather more fluffy than anticipated, but who doesn’t love Rane fluff?

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